collection three

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collection two

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collection one

Alexis and FIlip

a work of art

“Not only is Larissa a phenomenal artist, she is one of the warmest and most sincere people I have ever met. Her vision is utterly unique, beautiful and incredibly raw. It was an honor to have her as our photographer. She made our wedding magical and turned our memorable moments into works of art. There are no words to describe our gratitude.” 

Kim and John

She works magic

I tell everyone I was IN LOVE with my wedding photographer – Larissa works magic! I generally don’t like being photographed – She is relaxed and made me relax. Her attention to detail is OVER the TOP. She is incredibly creative and sensitive, capturing that something special in your day perfectly (I think there is A LOT to be said for her fine arts background as opposed to being just a wedding photographer.) She was fun to be with. She was also really great at “disappearing” which allows for your guests to forget theres a photographer there – the end result being some emotionally charged candids and portraits of loved ones. when everything is said and done, a lot of that day becomes a blur...your memories become those photos. Every time I look at our images I well up with emotion and can’t believe how beautiful I looked, or how wonderful the day was.”



"Larissa - Garrett and I can't stop talking about how lucky we were to find you! After seeing your portfolio, I knew we had to have you there photographing our wedding. Our photos are ethereal and capture the emotions felt during the day perfectly. You also were just a joy to be around (I now realize how important that is!) Your work is now prominently featured around our home, our parents' homes, and many others who love the images you and your partner got of them that day. Please continue to do your excellent work so we can stay in touch and have you photograph us as we grow our family!"

Mia and Nima

we are obsessed

Larissa and her team did an incredible job at our two-day Indian/Persian/American bash. Not only did she create some fantastic portraits for the ages, she caught some incredibly precious, touching, personal moments that I missed. Seeing the photos for the first time allowed me to fully experience my wedding in ways I wasn't able to during the actual event, and for that I am so grateful. What's more is that she and her colleagues were unobtrusive during the event, while still giving helpful direction during the staged shots. I cannot say there is a bad photo in the bunch, and Larissa is a pleasure to work with. My recommendation is to just trust her and put the event in her hands and you will not be disappointed! Truly, all of our families went bezerk when they saw the photos! They all are obsessed - and I am too!! Honestly I don't think I've ever looked so good."

Umber and Ray

best decision we made

Working with larissa was the easiest and best decision we made for our wedding. The first thing you notice about her work is the movement and emotion in each frame. Larissa has this magical ability to go beyond what you first see and capture something much deeper. Her photographs aren't just images, they are moments in time. When all is said and done, you have your memories and your photographs - One will fade; the other will last forever. I can't even imagine what someone else's forever images would be... Larissa's were utter magic.

When we engaged larissa to photograph our wedding, she suggested we also have engagement photos taken. Not being certain we wanted that, her explanation of us getting to know her and becoming comfortable with her photographing us before the big day made total sense. and we were so glad we did that! Not only were the engagement photos amazing, they did two things for us: they made us fall immediately in love with her and feel completely at ease in front of her lens, but it also created gorgeous memories of those months leading up to our wedding.

For our multi-day wedding, larissa wove in and out of every crowd, every ceremony, every moment with such grace and ease, not once did anybody feel nervous to be photographed. I was most impressed with larissa's energy, perspective, commitment to her craft and due diligence. She did so much preparation for our portrait shots that she even timed the sessions parts so that we were exactly where we needed to be to capture the perfect sunset light. she went above and beyond for the perfect shot, and captured moments that we didn't even know happened. She was patient and pivoted easily as things didn't always time out as they had planned for. Every moment of our days with larissa created a sense of ease and excitement that translated into amazing photos.

There is a reason larissa is one of the most sought-after photographers in the country. her perspective, work, professionalism, vision and talent all create magical work. Her energy, grace, love and passion make her the person you will always come back to.

Brooke and edward

a pleasure to have her

Larissa was absolutely incredible! I cannot recommend her enough. She came highly recommended from our wedding planner and was the best decision we made. Not only are her photographs gorgeous, but she's such a wonderful person. The bride and groom spend so much time with the photographer on the day of their wedding - it was a pleasure to have Larissa by our sides.